All Bullet Blossom necklaces have several inches of adjustment built in. Most are approximately 32" in circumference shipped. The owner can adjust the length of the cord down to ~20" and up to ~40", by simply sliding one of the barrel knots tighter or looser, and taking up the slack with the other barrel knot.

   For Leather cord necklaces, apply a small amount of oil to and around the knot, before pulling in either direction to adjust the length. This helps it slide, due to the increased friction of leather. 

Custom requests

   If the necklace is for a very large or small person, send me the circumference range you want, and I'll make it for you. 

   For silver chains, please specify 18", 20", 22" or 24". Also, please specify chain preference: snake chain or link chain.

   Please note, if caliber request is not specified, all orders default to .45ACP.

If cord type, size & color  is not specified, orders default to a black paracord necklace.

   For all Bullet Blossom Pendant orders, please specify the type of clasp you would like on your pendant. I use 8mm & 10mm split rings, round spring rings, lobster claws, and snap rings.

In the works:

Bullet Blossom pendants with birth stone gems in them are coming soon.  

   My website store is a work in progress. If you want something specific from a photo on the Products or Colors pages, that is not yet listed on the Store page, please email me. Thanks. 

   If there is a color that you want but do not yet see, I can probably get it in a few days. Email me your custom request. 


Coming Soon